tola oseni


nyc-based art director reimagining media through musical, cultural, & experiential lenses  part-time designer, full-time dot connector

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tola oseni


nyc-based art director reimagining media through musical, cultural, & experiential lenses • part-time designer, full-time dot connector

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Advertising Book (2021)

‘Vaccinated & Verified’ // Social

Brief: Come up with an idea that encourages Black people in the US to get vaccinated

Transform Twitter’s verified check into a new status-symbol: a vaccination badge

‘Bathroom Karoke’ // Innovation

Brief: The Pandemic all but ended the performing arts and with it, the main source of revenue for millions of artists. Come up with an innovative idea that helps the performing arts while the world gets back to normal.

Solution: A state of the art hairbrush that connects musicians to their lyric-belting fans

‘The Perfect Dose’ // OOH

Brief: Come up with an Out Of Home campaign that introduces America to the Dosist range of CBD pens.

Solution: Pulling on the sensory strings of smoking, ‘The Perfect Dose’ transforms everyday streets into aromatic vaping environment

‘Sampled Serve’ // PR

Brief: Get people who eat chicken and order quick service or casual restaurants to try a Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich by talking about its unbeatable taste/craft superiority

Solution: Sample Popeyes’ Chicken sandwich at Costco locations around the nation

‘Spotify Passenger Seat’ // Data Driven

Brief: Get people in the US to think about listening to Spotify in the car

Solution: Allow users to drive with their favorite artists in their passenger seats

‘The Giving Card’ // Moonshot

Brief: Come up with a launch idea that makes Somewhere Good the first choice platform for people of color.

A membership rewards card that treats kindness as its currency and rewards you for being you

‘SquareStop’ // Integrated

Brief: We need an integrated campaign that convinces first-time entrepreneurs that Squarespace can help them succeed, even if they don’t have it all figured out yet.

Solution: Squarespace: The one-stop (convenience) shop to satisfy all your entrepreneurial cravings. 

‘The Spirit Awards’ // Film

Brief: Get mainstream casual drinkers to switch to Uncle Nearest - by coming up with a film idea that shows them that there is more to Uncle Nearest than your average whiskey.

Solution: ‘The Spirit Awards’, an awards show highlighting the most awarded whiskey there is

+ ‘A Test You Can’t Fail’ // Spotify AMP Application (2019)

Brief: Develop a short marketing plan that demonstrates how you would increase consumer usage of one of Spotify's personalized playlist features, campaigns or original content podcasts

Solution: ‘A Test You Can’t Fail’, an interactive, vote-driven Back to School campaign that markets Spotify Premium to students